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Videos on a variety of bunny health topics. Featuring informative videos from a real life Veterinarian. Learn how pivotal veterinary care can be in keeping your little one in top shape.


Shenanigans is defined as silly or high-spirited behavior. We believe this term accurately reflects what the bunnies have been up to in their myriad of adventures captured on video!

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Over the past decade we have captured varied moments of their lives expressed through our bunny gallery. From great adventures to the everyday, enjoy!

Oh, the fascinating nature of bunnies!

This site is dedicated to bunny enthusiasts of all ages! Here we share our passion for these unique creations and their wisdom bestowed upon us over the years. Our goal is to ensure all bunnies are happy, healthy, and most importantly appeased.

Bunnies are unique in their
forms, sizes, and preferences!

From lop to lion, from rex to dwarf, we endeavor to celebrate and please each lagomorph.