Here we share lessons we've learned over the past decade of living with our bunnies.

It took them that long to teach us their preferences. Enjoy!

Bunny Lifestyle Articles

Top 10 Bunny Demands

We humbly present this list of demands. Beware lest any are broken and ye face their displeasure.

How to Potty Train a Bunny

It is possible to litter box train a bunny! This is great news for those who want to keep bunnies inside.

Bunny Play Style

How do you play with a bunny? Bunnies have a unique play style that we explore in this article.

Bunny Habitats

The bunnies have taught us so much over the years as we've endeavored to build a better bunny habitat.

Bunnies as Pets

We include some ideas of some bunny preferences they've been gracious enough to teach us over the years for when they stay indoors or camp outside.

To Rehome or Keep

What if your bunny just doesn't fit with the family? This is the dreaded question to ask ourselves, to rehome or to keep? Sometimes we must give up that which we love most.

Bunny Food

What do bunnies like to eat? We are excited to share what our 10 year old bunny has taught us over the years on what is classified as diet staples versus treats.

Bowl vs. Bottle

Do bunnies prefer to drink from a bowl or a bottle? We share what our bunnies have shared with us about their preferences for this important topic.

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