Bunnies as Pets

What is it like to be a bunny keeper? Here are some indoor and outdoor life shots from our experiences. They are mostly indoor bunnies who have great outdoor adventures. We reveal what delightful creatures bunnies can be and share some ideas that our bunnies so graciously taught us to keep them happy, healthy, and appeased. The morale of our story is: Never Let a Bunny Get Bored!
Indoor Activities
When the days are rainy or too hot/cold to go outside, the bunnies get some indoor play time.
As long as their potty is near, they use it and make clean-up after playtime very easy. Here is Ms. Bunny in her potty, keeping the house neat and tidy.
Generally, the bunnies play in their indoor habitat, but on very special occasions, the bunnies get to run around in the house. Our bunnies also love to play in blanket forts! Ms. Bunny and Mr. Toops enjoying a blanket fort with another little bunny in the background under a chair.
We make sure to pick up any electrical cords, plants, and other dangerous chewy things before letting them explore. It's fun to hide some of their favorite treats so it mimics the act of foraging outside. Here is an idea for an indoor bunny game: Finding Hidden Treasures
Ms. Bunny found some Cilantro. Mr. Toops soon joins her and our dog, Riley, looks on as if to say, "Where is my little treat?" Don't worry, he got a dog biscuit after taking this picture.
Ms. Bunny under the coffee table showing where most bunnies like to rest after playing - under a safe object such as a chair, end table, or coffee table.
Bunnies are very cautious, yet curious. They like to explore, but they also like to stay safe under coffee tables or end tables. Their favorite spot is laying under the end table in the guest room for an afternoon nap. Here is Ms. Bunny and Mr. Toops staking claim to a prime corner spot.
Mr. Toops even likes hanging out in a cool room next to his friend, Riley. For some reason the first place Toops ventures if the guest room. We think he likes a little alone time to consolidate his thougths.
Bunnies love to explore the indoor areas that are new to them. You'll find them seeking shelter under coffee table and chairs, even in the indoors. This is a natural instinct, as bunnies are prey to animals and predatory birds. Here are Madison and Ms. Bunny enjoying the living room together.

Outdoor  Adventures

What does a rabbit call sleeping outside? Life
What does a bunny call sleeping outside? Camping
As we've learned more and more about bunnies over the years, they persuaded us to create a bunny garden in our back yard in which they play and frolic. It is important to provide times each day for them to explore, dig, run, and chew on natural grasses/leaves/wood.
We used to have to bring our buns inside their indoor habitat when it was time to sleep or the weather got too hot or rainy. We've since created an indoor habitat that has a door to their outdoor garden. Here is Mr. Toops in the bunny garden.
In the summer, the bunnies enjoy the garden during the cool of the morning and evening. In the winter, the bunnies demand on staying outside most of the time and only like to come in when it's raining or during other inclement weather.
In the spring and fall it is perfect bunny weather here in Alabama, no bugs and cool temperatures at night. This is when they tend to do most of their digging. It's healthy for bunnies to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
When making a play area or habitat, try to mimic a bunny's natural environment as much as possible. Below you can see a hole they started digging and worked on every morning while it was cool. We added grass during the spring and kept a square cut out so the bunnies could continue their excavation project. It is great exercise for them to have natural outdoor play!
When we added sod to their outdoor garden to give them some quick grass one year, we left a square out where they had begun to dig a hole. Here is Ms. Bunny digging in her planned hole.
Bunny-Habitat-15This project lasted for weeks and gave them good exercise. Even in their current garden area, we ensure there is ample place to dig and do bunny things. When our bunnies get dirty, we've never had to bathe them, for they clean themselves up when they are done.
When I'm working in the backyard, I often let the bunnies hang out with me and frolic around the fenced yard.  I'll put out some chairs or other coverings they can hide under between their turns of kicking up their heels. Never leave bunnies unattended! It could only take a few moments for a predator to swoop out of the sky. Keep them safe to enjoy outdoor exploration time.
The bunnies will run up and let me pet their heads, then dash across the yard as if to say, "Watch what I can do!" They will also explore every piece of lawn furniture and mark the one's that they prefer with their chins.
Outdoor play time is so important for bunny health and overall bunn-a-tude (bunny attitude).  When bunnies get time to spend in nature, they are more themselves.

These are just a few ideas of what works for us in our living space. We just have to be creative and work with our bunnies to ensure they have plenty of exercise indoors or outdoors.